venerdì 12 settembre 2014

The future of information search!, is the first and only website in the world that allows you to find all daily information regarding your country (State/Country) published mostly by local newspapers, as simply and quickly as possible! Thanks to its graphical interface, you will no longer need to do a long and and exhausting search on Google to read the most interesting articles relating to your home country (or any other country you may be interested in); with a simple click on the selected country, you will find all the daily local news in the twinkling of an eye … in the local language! (and in English, of course). Today, thanks to Spreng's triangle, we know that there is a mutual dependence between energy, time and information. Speeding up the process of information dissemination means, ultimately, having more time and energy to focus our attention on little-known contexts just waiting to be better understood and processed. As John D. Barrow has already pointed out (in one of his most popular books, “Impossibility. Limits of science and the science of limits”): “If we have enough time, too much information is not useful, since we can abandon ourselves into a random search, proceeding by trial and error. But if our time is limited, then we need to know the right method to get things done faster, and this knowledge requires a great deal of information. According to Alvin Weinberg, this means that time is likely to become our most important resource. Ultimately, the value of energy and information lies in the greater freedom that they give us to better distribute our time”. And ensuring that your valuable  time, is not wasted on unnecessary activities is exactly the purpose of the website!

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